[Id] How to select a way that's also a boundary?


Using Id, I can’t figure out how to select a road that’s also tagged as an administrative boundary so I can modify it:

Thank you.

Sometimes only a little work-around will help in iD.

Search for a point or create a new point connecting both lines and separate lines using the right-click menu. Drag the point to a new place.
Maybe improve mapping and leave the lines separated after your edit for following mappers.

I can’t remind a shortcut which is implemented, although this issue is discussed multiple times.
See https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/2225 for example.


I found a work-around: While still in read mode, use the “Query features”, click on the road in the list of items on the left, and enter Edit mode.


I found another way:

  1. Select point on way that’s also acting as administrative boundary
  2. Split ways (X)
  3. Cancel
  4. Select way, that should now be accessible as a street instead of a boundary.