ID Editor, sat image background moves while drawing line or area

It was not an issue but at some release point of ID Editor when drawing a line or an area and setting a node, then moving the mouse to the next point where to set a node the sat image background moves with the mouse unless one moves really really slow. This is no working and often results in nodes being placed in the wrong spot where the lagging sat image then stops moving.

Whenever mapping landcover, I switch to JOSM now which does not display this behaviour at all, the question being, anyone else suffering this background sat imagery moving?.

Notably both Vivaldi and Firefox browser exhibit this issue, former uses Chromium, the latter Gecko as render engine. Not tested in Chrome itself.

Edit: Notably, the more mapped data in the view/area, the worse the issue it seems.

Are you seeing this behavior consistently in iD? Occasionally, I’ve seen the background get “stuck” to my mouse cursor when working on a very large changeset. In each case, it turned out to be something causing a JavaScript error (but not necessarily the same error each time). If you still see this behavior, can you open an issue in the iD bug tracker, noting the size of the changeset and any JavaScript error you see in your browser’s Web console? Thanks!

Yes. It’s not the amount of mapped data of the CS, it’s the amount of mapped data already present in the area, the more detail the worse it is. For instance I work a lot on landcover, forests with finely traced outlines and many MP members slow things down, many farming land plots in the area. It’s no different in e.g. Disney LA or high density mapped residential areas. The view takes long to do it’s initial load and then mapping is slow and as you phrase it the background gets ‘stuck to the mouse’ although no buttons are pushed, it’s kind of lagging, background trying to catch up to where the mouse is pointing or going. The next node then does not land in the spot where the background moved, it’s still somewhat ahead of that…

Summary, the more nodes in a zone, old or new the more pronounced it becomes. Yesterday in a fairly clean zone near San Vito mapped few dozen farming land plots with ID. No noticeable delay.or lagging of back ground versus mouse movement, nothing sticky.

An observation is that if a node is set and deliberately release mouse button, give it time to realize a node was set, then move slowly to the next target position, the background does not move i.e.

New high-tech, high res mouse did not improve the situations either.

Cleaning browser caches and cookies, then restarting the browser does not improve the map speed in dense data areas.

JOSM, will happily allow a CS sessions to grow 5, 6, 7K new/changed nodes. It only slows down when the downloaded map data goes passed 100MB. Only notice when using the F(ollow)/trace function along long densely noded lines, then it bogs down to about 1 node per second.

It sure impedes ID Editor usability,