iD Editor: Cannot upload my changes


just bumped into a really annoying problem. I mapped a river over quite some distance, then wanted to upload it. I got the error that my line exceeds 2000 nodes; only 2000 are allowed. I cut the river in half and created a waterway-relation.

I then again tried to upload my changes. However, the click on “upload” now promts a dialog saying “Authorize access to your account”. When I click “Grant Access”, I get the following:

“File not found
Couldn’t find a file/directory/API operation by that name on the OpenStreetMap server (HTTP 404)”

The screen turns black-white (as it normally does when uploading) but I can’t do anything. I managed to get back into editing mode, but just to reproduce the exact same problem. When I click on “upload”, I get the “grant access” dialog again.

So far I didn’t try another edit because I really don’t want to lose the 2000+ nodes I just added/mapped.

What can I do? Any help would be appreciated!




Thank you! Knew that I couldn’t have been the first one with this… Lost my edits after all, but glad that it is an issue on their github.

My recommendation if you run in to this kind of problem is to save your edits as an OSC file and then fix it up manually (or get somebody to do it for you).