iD Editor: Areas not colored in?

Hi everyone! I’m sorry if this is a really simple question - I’ve just run a little departmental mapathon in the iD editor and run into a small problem. Somehow, a couple users have removed the color for their polygons, making it really difficult to identify areas where mapping has or hasn’t occurred. instead, a light red line is surrounding digitized polygons/areas. Do y’all know any easy ways to fix this? I’m sure there must have been an unintentional shortcut used, and we were only squaring buildings. Cheers.

“W” toggles the highlighting of tagged features on/off. It’s often helpful in mapping features close to the edge of a polygon. It is, of course, equally easy to accidentally click on the key (perhaps when intending “w” to go in a tag field) and then not have a clue what has happened. HTH