ID and footbrige

I’ve noticed a few places where a footbrige is mapped as a way with highway=crossing + traffic_calming=table
instead of highway=footway + bridge=yes.
The mappers used ID, so it seems that this editor is somehow misleading the mappers.
Any ideas why?


It’s in iD a “Raised Pedestrian Crossing” or in german “Erhöhter Fußgängerüberweg”.

Whithout the tags I couldn’t also imagine what is meant. Maybe the mapper thought a bridge is also raised. :slight_smile:

Hm, I am not familiar with the workflow in ID. Why would a mapper change a way that is correctly mapped as highway=footway + bridge=yes to this wrong tagging? I’ve seen this change in several places and from different mappers.
And what goes wrong when they add a new way like here

I’d be very surprised if anyone associated with iD development reads this sub-forum (the main iD developer has posted once elsewhere in the forum) - I’d suggest raising an issue at .

Done, see

If I got that right, the preset table.json is wrong, it should not contain highway=crossing.

Another question is why users change the tagging of a highway=footway + bridge=yes.
My idea is that they look at the picture in the upper left corner which show a “normal” footway. They know that the way
is a bridge and maybe they expect to see such a picture instead.

To understand why someone changes the tagging, I think you should ask them. The others can only guess :slight_smile: