Iceland's map blocks GPS

Hi, I have a question for those who handle these maps.
I am preparing a trip to Iceland and had downloaded the map in August - for a Garmin Montana-.
Yesterday I saw that there was a new version, October 10, and I downloaded it and copied it to the GPS. When I try to view any Track or Route, the GPS locks up and sometimes shuts down without warning.
I’ve put the GPS back to the previous version, August, and everything works fine.
The locks occurred with both the normal and the “new style” versions of the map.

Any suggestions?

Thank you and greetings, Carlos

You are on the wrong forum, you want

However the symptom you describe indicates there is definitely a bug in the Garmin firmware, whether or not there is one in the data file you are using.

You haven’t said which tool or web site you used to create the Garmin map. Whilst most people use the .nl site, I believe there are others.

Hello, this only happens with a map in a single version. The rest of the versions of this map, and all the others, without problems.
The maps to which I refer are those of the website


Looks like the whole site has issues (for several weeks now), please contact the owner Lambertus at osm at na1400 dot info or try another map provider

Okay, thanks for the answers.

Here are other providers for a Garmin suitable OpenStreetMap
BBBike has a range likely suitable for most