Iceland marine/land boudaries rendering troubles


I’ve gathered OSM map for Iceland (Generic routable), downloading the pre-maked zip archive containing tiles 63242831.img, 63242832.img, 63242833.img, 63242834.img (typ file was not present…) to set it in my Garmin device. I’ve compiled it with Map Set Toolkit and installed in Map Source.

Well, the land filling beige color on land/sea boundaries is very inaccurate and actually wrong: some coast cities are rendered into the sea, and if in Map Source I can see a sea boundary line that doesn’t match the land filling, when i load the map in 60csx device (by gpsmapsupp.img file) the sea boundary line disappear and it is totally impossible to understand were the land ends ant the sea begins… quite harmful if you have a walk on the reef :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever experienced this? Are there any solutions?


I cannot help you directly, but be aware of the Garmin subforum here … maybe there are more experts.

well, using the windows .exe installer the boundaries are rendered correctly both in mapsource and device: so i suppose that mine was a problem during mapsettoolkit processing.

i’m ok now.