I wrote a short basic tutorial. Feedback required.

People have been asking me how to add roads to OSM.
I decided there isn’t a good hebrew tutorial, so I wrote one.

The objective is to make the most straightforward which is aimed at someone who’s coming with zero knowledge.
It’s important that some more exprienced eyes take a look at this since I am definitely not a pro.

So… Take a look here and let me know what you think.


Great initiative!

My feedback:

The contents is good for a beginner.

JOSM has a steep learning curve.
You also need Java which not everybody have.
Therefore, I suggest writing the Beginners’ Tutorial for Potlatch.

If you don’t mind, maybe putting it on the OSM wiki is a better option, as people could help update it, etc.


I agree to both suggestions.
A little short in time to implement and short in knowledge to write a tutorial for Potlatch (For me, the user experience of JOSM is better by far than that of Potlatch, even 2.0)

Where should I put it on the wiki?

Great great great!

a kind of video in Hebrew would be cool, too I think :slight_smile: