I need somebody, help us!!!!!

Hello! we’re developing a project for a university from Spain.First excuse us for our bad english:(. We have some problems.
we have a java aplication that it has an applet.we want to draw the map of openstreetmap on applet’s background.The problem is that we don’t know put the coordenates from xml to the image of the aplication.
Other problem is that we have seen that there are coordenates bigger than maxlon(=maxlat) and lower than minlon(=maxlon). We don`t understand because there are coordenates out of range.
we are waiting your answers.


Thank you.:slight_smile:

That is because a line that starts out side of of the bounding box has to have all points included, so there is almost no where on the map where you can get a bbx without external nodes in it. In more detail, the API and extended API will always return every thing that is referenced from the bounding box, so you will have every node and relation of all ways in the bbx.

There is a spanish mailing list for openstreetmap if you want.