I need help with migrating from MyMaps


I’m completely new to openstreetmap. So far, I’ve been using Google Maps, but I have decided to switch into OSM.

I have created a lot of maps using MyMaps feature. They are basically polygons (shapes) showing some sort of territory boundaries. Then I granted access to these maps to my colleagues and they updated the maps with POI (using another layer).

I would like to do something similar using OSM.

I have read about umap.openstreetmap.fr and I think this might be the way to go.

Basically I want to:

  • create a map with two layers (Boundary and POIs)
  • grant access for particular users (they should be somehow authenticated)
  • revoke access to the map
  • make one layer read-only and the other read-write (this is not possible with MyMaps on Google).

Could you please tell me if I can achieve my goals using the OMS? I have some developers skills, so I’m not afraid of coding (though I’m not a code-killer :wink:


You can use umap.openstreetmap.fr for that. It’s somewhat complicated to use compared to Google My Maps, but it’s more powerful.

PS: Jeśli jesteś z Polski (patrząc po imieniu), zapraszam na polskie forum, przewiń główną stronę niżej :slight_smile: