I need a (Cloud) Server for GeoJSON Files

Hello Guys,

i am developing an android application, which will draw boundaries on the map. The files should be stored on a server and only nessecary files will be downloaded on the client (user smartphone).

I thought about the amazon firebase cloud for that, but i have read somewhere, that it is not a good idea for real time applications. Do you have any experiences with my topic? I need some help in that.

Thanks in advance. Till now i got some great help from this community.

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You can use Mapbox Studio. Upload the GeoJSON dataset and it can create vector tiles out of it for you. Then load them to Mapbox GL.

Hey Trójmiasto,

thanks for the quick help. I have looked it up and it could really work. A little further explanation. I will have like 100.000 GeoJSON Files and have to upload them. And depends where the user will be, some of the files will be downloaded on the users smartphone. The Files contains coordinates to draw polygons/multipolygons.

I am reading so much about the algorithms, real time rendering, etc. So Mapbox Studio is still the correct choise i guess?

Thanks again

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I think what you are trying to achieve is not really a “real time app.” A real time app is e.g. a stock market app where every second counts. Downloading files from a server is not time critical, any server offering file downloads should be able to cope with that.

@escada it kinda is, because:

  1. Its a big project of mine (on university) and at the end i have to optimize the used tools and algorithms for a really good result.
  2. I wanna upload it on the app store, if it will work the way i hope

I thought maybe for data for that purpose should handeld differently or can i use any server for the purpose?

Hello Cenk!

For me it seems that your aim is a bit non-OSM related …

So if not doine yet, I recommend to do some research or asking about your server GeoJSNO issue

at https://gis.stackexchange.com