I have lost everything (umap)

Morning all

I have been away form my PC for a week. Last night I did a few edits and all was good. I had 8 (ish) separate maps that had a serious amount of data input (Showing my rail travel history) that has taken me a LOT of effort.

This morning I have logged in and literally everything has gone and I am back where I was at the very very start of my playing with this amazing tool

I have been checking on every edit that I had save points that were up to date.

If I had any hair left I would pull it out

Any thoughts please (I mean PLEASE!)


I can only guess, but you probably used the iD-Editor?

As far as I understand you, you started changes in it but did not upload them.
Since the iD Browser only runs in the browser, the changes are not cached there when you exit the browser.

This is similar to a text document that you start in Word, for example, and then exit Word without saving. Then all your text is gone too.

Your changes are lost forever, I’m sorry to say. It is always advisable to upload changes to OpenStreetMap in smaller packages on a regular basis. Smaller packages means about 25-50 changes and also keep the area of changes as small as possible. So for example don’t add a cafe in Canada and in the same set of changes add a bank in India.

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What tool did you use to do your edits with?
Did you ever save what you did?
Are you aware that OSM is a tool to edit/create the map as it is “on the ground”, meaning that you cannot use it to make a diary of your own railway travels?
What is your OSM user name?

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Are you perhaps referring to “umap”?

@marczoutendijk The user is most probably the same as here in discourse: grid56126 | OpenStreetMap

That is correct

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Yes I am using the Umap tool https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/user/grid56126/

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Hi - user name is https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/user/grid56126/
So I created an account using openstreetmap.org

When I log in I use OSM as the “provider”

I then “grant access”

I have saved I think about 8 maps which have been quite “heavy” in data and I have been saving after each edit and checking the file sizes which have got up to about 50MB in some maps.

This morning it looks like my data has gone back to day one, but now, having checked an extra map has just reappeared but only one I played with early on

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Hi I am using umap openstreet map
I saved every few minutes and had filesa as large as 50mb on one map, So I imported a lot of stuff using files from Brouter as gpx files and then also did hundreds of edits using the plotting tools / icons etc
username is grid56126

When i switch to that account I can see that you created three maps, all three with the name “Untitled map”, but with no data!

I had 8 (or more) which were massively detailed (weeks of work). As i said above, some with 50mb files saved, I could view these online from any PC (without logging in as I sent it to many friends) .


My fear is, If I start again where on earth has this gone wrong?

I struggled logging on last night with server errors (502) so tried again this morning and here we are

I see no point in recovering weeks of work if it’s at risk of being lost !

Thanks all for you help

It’s not just you - a few people have also reported this at help.osm.org. Someone has created a github issue.


I would like to say “hurrah” but I will wait!!!


A note about it has appeared on the main “talk” mailing list, but no definitive news yet…


Everything is back up and running with my last edit done two days ago showing !!!

Hurrah !!!


Excellent! Now how about taking a local backup :slight_smile:


I agree about back ups - but - I am a technophobe

After every edit I “save” while working - and check before leaving there is a timed save point in the app. Is there a way of saving this files locally then?

Any help appreciated and HUGE thanks to every one who has helped restore this !


Yes - https://github.com/umap-project/umap/issues/1048 suggests that there is. You’d need to ask someone who has actually used umap what that is though :slight_smile:

Sure, in the settings, “Advanced actions”, then download as uMap file to be able to restore as is.


Thankyou. Done!

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