I got a few questions

Hi all!

First, congratulations for this great project! I got a few newbie questions.

I’ve just bought my first GPS (Garmin Etrex Legend HCx). I downloaded a map for France and succesfuly installed it on my GPS. I was trying to download another one for Switzerland but I couldn’t install it. Here I go:

  • How could I install 2 maps into my GPS? I got a 4GB card. The opensource map I downloaded comes into an .exe file so it’s supposed to automatically be installed but Mapsource just doesn’t recognize it as it did with the map for France.

  • I’d like to contribute to this project. I’d like to know how I could add points of interest (shopping, parkings, etc) that aren’t mapped in my city.

Thank you all! and don’t forget I’m a newbie so please use easy vocabulary, haha.

First of all: Welcome to OpenStreetMap. :slight_smile:

There are two possibilities:

  1. You copy two different Maps on your microSD card and name the second e.g. gmapsupp2.img; This is necessary, because the etrex Series only can handle one “gmapsupp.img” (means: One map) on the SD Card. Disadvantage is, that you need a second device with which you can rename the files when you’re outside and you like to change the map.

  2. You try to get the maps you like into Mapsource and copy then them onto the etrex via the “Send” Function of Mapsource. This may also work with “Sendmap” I’m not sure.

This is pretty easy: Just enable the tracking while you’re outside. When you reach a POI that isn’t mapped yet, you set a Waypoint with your etrex. Either you name the Waypoint after the POI, or you take the number and write down a note on some paper or your mobile phone. Later, when you’re home you need to copy the track from the etrex to Mapsource. Save the track with the POIs as an *.gpx Track and load this Track into JOSM. You will see the track with the waypoints you set and can now easily add the POIs to OpenStreetMap.

Hope that this wasn’t too complicated^^ If there are any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile: