I Can't download the update's ?

Hello, I can updatet my version from Josm. How can i do this.
I can also not download the map? Everitime he tell me that it is too big.
I have just selected a verry small place of a few routes.

Can somebody help me plaese?

Welcome to the OSM community and the forum.

To update the JOSM program just replace the file “josm-tested.jar” in the directory where JOSM is installed with a newer version from JOSM Download. At the begin I recommend to use the tested version.

There are several ways to download an area for editing in JOSM, e.g. Slippy Map:

  • Click File. Select “Download from OSM …”

  • In the new window click “Slippy Map”. A slippy map as on www.openstreetmap.org is shown.

  • Move and zoom to the desired area.

  • Draw a rectangle box holding down the left mouse button.

  • In the right bottom corner there should be the message “Download area ok, …” and not “Download area too large, …”

  • Click button “Download”.

Happy mapping Willi