I can't convert OSM to CSV format with osmconverter

I can’t convert OSM to CSV format,
osmconverter answer:
sorry please choose the output file format.:

1.osm (standard XML format - results in very large files)
2.o5m (binary format - allows fast)
3.pdf (standard binary format - results in small files)

I’m not familiar with the software that you’re using, but would suggest that a full command like would help people understand exactly what you’re trying to do.

Other details might be useful too - what operating system are you trying to run it on, what version of it are you using and where did you get it from (just in case there are multiple things called the same name).


Did you follow the recomendations? Osmconvert - OpenStreetMap Wiki
What command line did you use to start osmconvert?

Hi, I am osmconBert - just call me Bert.
I will guide you through the basic functions of osmconvert.

At first, please ensure to have the "osmconvert" file
(resp. "osmconvert.exe" file if Windows) located in the
same directory in which all your OSM data is stored.

You may exit this program whenever you like. Just hold
the <Ctrl> key and press the key C.

Please please tell me the name of the file you want to process:
osmconvert moldova-latest_02.osm --all-to-nodes --csv="@id @lon @lat amenity shop name" --csv-headline -o=test.csv
Sorry, the file must have ".osm", ".o5m" or ".pbf" as suffix.

Please please tell me the name of the file you want to process:

Don’t use this strange Bert, just follow the documentation for osmconvert, run cmd.exe in folder with data and osmconvert.


looks as if this is not a commandline but a guided process and rather than adding the command

osmconvert moldova-latest_02.osm --all-to-nodes --csv="@id @lon @lat amenity shop name" --csv-headline -o=test.csv

you should maybe just addmoldova-latest_02.osm

into the prompt. Or issue the whole command in the shell without the bot.

Thanks! It’s working now. How do I adjust the query so that it displays only citys and buildings
osmconvert64-0.8.8p.exe moldova-latest_02.osm --all-to-nodes --csv="@id @lon @lat amenity shop name" --csv-headline -o=test.csv

–csv=“@id @lon @lat place building”

Not really, I need a city or a locality, a street and a house number or, more simply, a full address. And when loading @lon @lat, a huge list with empty values by addresses is obtained