I believe I found a Missing Tag While Using JOSM: Tag:office=forestry

Hi everyone. I’m relatively new to mapping and I am using JOSM fyi.

I am located in the USA and was trying to add a State Forest Service building today when I believe I noticed a missing tag. The tag in question is Tag:office=forestry. As you can see the tag is on the wiki and doesn’t appear to be antiquated as other tags sometimes are. When I try and add this tag in JOSM it is not present so I opted to use Tag:office=government with Tag:government=forestry since it’s a State office and that seems to be the next best option.

I’m bringing this to the attention of the Developers of OSM and/or JOSM so this potential issue can be fixed. Otherwise, if I am doing something wrong I would appreciate help!



I have to add the link to that tag here as I’m a new user and limited to two links. This tag has no information to help me figure out my problem.

You don’t have to use the available presets, so you can just type in the tag box office=forestry.

Although JOSM has an extensive set of presets, the scope of OSM is very broad and not every use-case will be covered by presets. If you want to pursue it further then the best place is to file a ticket on the JOSM Issue Tracker.


JOSM has some guidelines it follows when adding presets to the built-in list.
Of note:

  • New top-level presets must have an svg icon (if it is not area-only and can be put on points).
  • Proper documentation on the wiki (the wiki page for office=forestry is not great)
  • Decent usage numbers – from TagInfo, there are a bit under 2k usages. We do have a CI job that looks for documented tags with over 10k uses.
  • Worldwide use (from TagInfo, this does look to be the case)
  • Used by a reasonable number of mappers

For completeness, if you look here and sort the list by “keys” you’ll see that JOSM’s full list is a country mile ahead of what anything with an entry at taginfo is ever going to show on a map.


Thank you!

That’s a useful website. Thank you

That’s a useful website. Thank you