I am not getting any verbal commands?

I downloaded a map recently to use on my Garmin nuvi 3580LM. The map loads fine when I power it up but I get no voice commands when I enter and drive to an address. Can anyone help me figure this out please. Thanks

Would help to know what map you downloaded and where.
There is a special thread for Garmin Maps, see https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=26

Thanks for your reply GerdP

I built a map with the east coast of USA & also included some of eastern Canada. I built the map to the maximum size allowed by openstreetmap.nl. I have it loaded onto my SD mini card. I’m not sure if this answers your questions?

Just to make sure:
Do you get voice commands with a Garmin map?
Does the route calculation work with the download OSM map?

When I go to settings & check the original map & then enter an address the route calculation works & I get verbal directions. When I go to settings & chose the OSM map & uncheck the original map the route calculation works but I get no verbal directions.

OK, sorry, can’t help. Try the Garmin Maps forum.
Edit: Just noticed that this thread was already moved to the right forum.