Hungary (Magyarország)

Category name

Hungary (Magyarország)

Is this a top-level category or a subcategory?


Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

Hungarian mappers

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

Because it is a separate country (as of 2023) :slight_smile:
It would use a separate language (Hungarian), and local topics.
(See migration users: Hungary - OpenStreetMap Community Forum as well)

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

Plenty of places. (Mi az OpenStreetMap?)

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

Negligible, like a few in a month. Still, they’re pretty separate by language.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

The main point is

  • to make it possible for users to find content here faster,
  • to separate HU language posts from English and encourage users to use it, and
  • to make it simpler to search and find topics, and maybe
  • possibility to get narrower amount of notifications?

This forum co-exists with the others, category or not.

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines

General netiquette applies, with a strong emphasis on positive attitude, which is fortunately the approach of the Hungarian (and mostly of the international) OSM community.
Moderators expected to discourage personal attacks and unhelpful approach to new/inexperienced users.

List the usernames of the category moderators

@grin (osm, wiki, hdyc)
@ImreSamu (osm, wiki, hdyc)
@GergelyPolonkai (osm, hdyc)

(Possibly others if they choose to reactivate themselves.)


File:OpenStreetMap Hungary logo.png - OpenStreetMap Wiki for logo.

Hi, thanks for the request. Always happy to see new local categories take shape!

To spread the moderation burden across a sufficient number of shoulders, we like to see at least 3 moderators for a new category. Is there someone else who would be willing to serve in the role? It’s also recommended that each potential moderator leaves a comment and introduces themselves.

name: Imre Samu

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Would it be possible to set the category, thus let people start using this web forum, and after some activity ask some of them to be moderator? I do not expect any moderation required in the foreseeable future, as I believe there never have been any need in the last decades on the mailing lists and matrix rooms.

I have at least 2-3 other people in mind for future moderators but they are not active here since it has no point, since the language is not separated and they probably don’t want to create discussions in English, but if the category/language was active again maybe they start talking. A place make it possible for people to talk and talking makes activity to help them enroll for moderators.

(I am not sure the community want to use discourse, but I usually volunteer my time to make it possible and let them use it. I believe Hungarian language justifies a separate category. :slight_smile: I am admin on possibly all communication channels we use, so that’s just another one. I would guess that without it people simply will not come here.)


I understand the chicken-and-egg problem here, and I would personally like to make it easier to form new local categories in the future. For example, maybe the requirements can be relaxed a bit once we have some global moderators to serve as a backup if any category’s local moderators are temporarily overwhelmed.

However, that would be a policy change (so far we’ve always asked for 3 moderators), so it would delay this category request while the idea is being debated and global moderators are recruited

If someone respected in the Hungarian community (even if they’re mostly active on, say, the mailing lists until now) would step forward as a potential moderator #3, that would make things simpler.

Sure, no problem. Had to be tried.

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@Tordanik: Got a 3rd volunteer, edited in the OP.

Great to hear! Would be nice to have a brief introduction from @GergelyPolonkai himself as well.

We’ll wait for 5 more days to make sure everyone has had time to share their opinions and set up a simple poll afterwards that will also run for 5 days. This will formally demonstrate community support for this new category and moderator team. After the poll succeeds, we are going to create the category (with the imported content from the old forum).

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Sure, let’s do that!

(Sidenote: right now there is no community here, so I do not expect anyone to vote.
The whole purpose of the category to make it possible to (re)build the community from #migration-users:Hungary since without it the language cannot be separated. I usually not prefer summoning people [from elsewhere] just to vote, so be prepared that possibly there will not be any reactions or votes.
Hungarian community right now uses various communication media, ranging from Matrix through email to facebook, among other things, but there was occasional traffic and questions on the old QA sites, and it did not really work for the same reason: it was mixed up with English posts. I’d like to prevent that oblivion, that’s the whole background in pushing the category creation.
I do not remember any moderation action on the other messaging media for the recent years so I do not expect any here either. I strongly prefer discussion instead of technical measures.)

Hello again everyone,

this voting poll is to validate the initial moderation team for a “Hungary (Magyarország)” category. The list will be validated if it gets at least 80% of yes votes. Note that votes (who voted what) are public to help identify any abuses.


Do you approve @grin, @ImreSamu and @GergelyPolonkai to be category moderators for the “Hungary (Magyarország)” category?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)
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@Tordanik: No surprise here. Now what? :wink:

Hallo grin,

Auch wenn es unüblich ist, ist es in diesem Fall vielleicht notwendig.

Die Sprache scheint eine große Hürde für Deine Mapperkollegen zu sein. Vielleicht solltest Du ihnen mal erzählen, dass es mit dem translate-Plugin viel einfacher geworden ist, auch an Diskussionen in anderen Sprachen teilzunehmen und trotzdem in der eigenen Sprache zu schreiben.

So far there was not a minimal requirement, so it is not yet necessary. Also I would have pinged Hungarian categories but had to realise that they have been locked (to read-only), so it wasn’t an option.

I do not believe in automagic translation in discussions, so I cannot help you advocating that one.

Apart from language most topics are limited to the local country so there is generally no point to cross-translate for people abroad not speaking the language. Right now I could open topics but they would be almost impossible to discover and follow, so I don’t.

Thanks for your help!

I would have voted Yes, but I only now just discovered this topic.

Igennel szavaztam volna, de csak most fedeztem fel ezt a témát.

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The Hungary (Magyarország) category has now been set up (with the content imported from the old forum already in place). I’ve also added the approved moderators to the @mods-hungary group.

Given the low participation so far, I think it would be especially helpful to advertise this new channel within your local community as much as possible and request an update to the OSM Community Index to give it visibility in editors such as iD.

Enjoy your new community space!

Thanks, Tobias!

I will start advertising the space, including in the official channel list and we will see how it goes.
The old forum was not very active but occasionally there were external questions and it’s good if we can notice them and answer them.

I definitely expect to gather new moderators, this current state is just for starting. (But I also expect moderators having no work here, hopefully. We have a very friendly community and we try hard not to walk the highway=path Wikipedia community went down into.)