Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

Hi everyone,

I have been reading about Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, it strikes me that it a a special team who map crisis stricken areas for humanitarian purposes.

Am I right?

Is it a separate data source from ordinary OpenStreetMap?

Can I access Humanitarian OSM data through planet OSM or the ordinary APIs?

Regards, Tom

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team has developed some tools to help in coordinating edits in the area(s) they focus on, but the data they enter goes into the same OSM master database as everything else. So their edits show up on the main OSM map just like yours or mine and you can access their edits through the same APIs that you’d access anything else.

Also, any mapper can participate in their projects, just go to, pick a task, read the instructions and start mapping. So there is no “special mapping team” neither.

You may want to check out the Crisis Mapping section on this forum:

And the HOT mailing list:

~ Laura