"Humanitarian" as standard map layer?

Hello everyone! Just an idea: Why not making “Humanitarian” the standard map layer? In my opinion, it has a clearer layout and softer, nicer colours.

For more or less the same reason I’m using MapQuest for openpoimap!

Which is?

MapQuest and the Humanitarian tiles both look nicer to me than the standard. I wonder how much that is because of the old paper maps I am familiar with has set my expectations and sense of esthetics. The default Osmand map rendering is based on an older version of the standard OSM style and I found that objectionable enough to create my own Osmand rendering file based on the MapQuest web style sheets (which they have made available).

By the way, who decides such things as how the default user interface looks like? Are there any superusers on OpenStreetMap?

There are no superusers, just people that take the time to work on the website. The people that do the website are not the same as the ones that work on the style of the map.
The map style is discussed and developed on https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto

Like you said: it is clearer and the contrast with the icons from OpenPoiMap is better.
On the standard map all the icons (that you cannot click) are only disturbing the OPM layout.

Thanks for your info!

Sorry, my question was a bit unclear. I thought that you created OpenPoiMap because OpenStreetMap didn’t want to change the default map layout, and was interested in the reasons against the change.

I’ve just made a suggestion on GitHub.