Huge amount of islands have drowned at the lake Kallavesi

Many islands in lake Kallavesi seem to be under water:

Is someone able to fix this problem?

It seems that the lake and its islands are defined in three different relations:
The latest relation ovelaps the first two relations, but it is missing the islands.

All these relkations exist for long years - no idea why someone divides one (not so big) lake into three.
These relations have to be combined.
Means that 900368 has the correct and closed outline = this is the one to persist.
All inners from 405902 and 900371 have to be moved to 900368.

Once done 405902 and 900371 have to be deleted.

Quite an effort but IMO there is no other way if this issue should be resolved.

There is a manual how to merge relations in Josm:

Same mess here:

Thanks for advice. I merged the relations so Kallavesi should be fine: Now, waiting for tiles to render.

If the merge was successful, then I can also check the other mess.

Thanks Akkujukka, great work. Starts to look much better!

I don’t know how to delete relations. But here is one:
Wondering if there is any program to find those broken relations. Would be nice.

There is still some confusion & work to be done concerning Kallavesi:

  1. Maaninkajärvi is wrong, it includes parts that belongs to Kallavesi, somebody already mentioned it in the FIXME tag.
    The correct borders are on Järviwiki:ärvi_(
  2. The southern part of Maaninkajärvi and what is called here as Pohjois-Kallavesi belongs to the same lake of Kallavesi.
    The correct borders of Kallavesi according to Järviwiki: (select from the map menu “vesistöalue”).

I could tackle that but since I’ve used so far only ID editor, the relations are sometimes giving me error messages that halts my work.

Hi Petsamo,

Working with relations is so much better in JOSM.
Give Josm a try.

Best regards

A good tool is the OSM Inspector.
Here the link to “AREA” Layer where you can find numerous errors like “not closed rings”

Someone (or someones editor) destroys relations in Finland:

See here:
Lake Haukivesi

899126;2010;39;destroyed fragment
899127;2010;26;destroyed fragment
899128;2010;200;destroyed fragment
899129;2010;34;destroyed fragment

1831195;2011;73;Northern Part of Lake
2665335;2012;617;Mid part of Lake fragment

Together these fragments are Lake Haukivesi
Its always the same picture: A relation exists and while editing someone breaks it apart.
I have numerous Relations with same name in my Checklist, enough to keep someone busy for weeks.

And, even if repaired, this Relation is already covered by bigger Relation Saimaa.
There are a lot of other relations that covers the same area (=duplicates coverage) as Relation Saimaa

If someone is willing to clear up these issues i could provide some kind support (identifying problems aso…)

It should be noted that Saimaa as a whole consists of several smaller lakes and thus the relations for them are needed. Of course, broken relations should be corrected and obvious duplicates should be deleted.