https Problems in IE 8

Hey Ho, it’s me again.

working on OSM is real fun! and it’s all free, how cool is that?

but … it’s not easy to find tutorials in good quality and some stuff is not documented at all, i belive.
i’m hosting a website which is https certificated. so if i’m loading the streetmaps JavaScript files i do get some security warning (e.g. in IE 8, not in FF (o: ). can anybody tell me how to access those files via https?
do i have to register my website or something?? when yes: how?

thanks for your advise(s)

I assume you mean the OpenLayers.js and OpenStreetMap.js files?
If so, you can just copy them onto your own website, and link to them there.

yes, you were right!
hmm … nah this doesn’t work either, because in the openlayers.js there are references to the map-tiles, which are http only. i tried to change them to https but then the map is not viewed at all.

Ah, right. I’m not sure if there are any tile servers that support HTTPS.
You could use Mapnik to generate the tiles yourself, and store them on your own website. Though it can be complicated to set up, and may need quite a bit of webspace (depending on how large an area you need, and to what zoom level).

hmmm … sounds kind of a big projekt, isn’t it :slight_smile:
let me know if there are any https - tile servers!

hope not to have to setup all the mapnik stuff by my selfe …

You could try using the TileDrawer AMI on Amazon EC2, that’s a quick and simple way to get up and running with your own tiles. I don’t know if it does HTTPS though.

I don’t think OSM can currently afford (CPU resource wise) to offer maptiles over https.

However, you could potentially set up a reverse proxy or https tunnel on your server, and redirect all the tiles your site needs through that. This way you don’t have to set up and maintain your own rendering but still get the tiles through https off your own site to keep the browser warnings happy.