howto add poi of type geocache to garmin etrex venture hc

hi there,
I am still a bit new to map making but found a way to create garmin maps from osm files and send it ot my garmin etrex venture hc.
when using the search (find) function from the menü I get lots of categories. E.g. waypoints, cities, shopping, restaurants, etc.
using the osm files for germany I see shops, restaurants but never a geo cache and can not find a way to incorporate geo caches into my osm files to see them in my garmin.

to create a restaurant I can use something like

in the osm file and after creating the img file I see it o the map and in the garmin.

how can I create a node entry to create a geocache?
are there any parameters to tag if it is new or found?
any help is appreciated.

I looked up some forums and the mkgmap source and the libgarmin source.
any ideas?

thanks in adavance :slight_smile: