How would you map something INSIDE a room?

Hey everybody,

as far as I understand current indoor tagging scheme focuses on rooms (e.g. a room has name and maybe a function). But imagine the situation for really large rooms, for example an airport or even a large supermarket. There you’ll have different sections within a single room, e.g. border control, arrival gates, departure gates or in the supermarket example greenstuff department, drugstore, wearables and so on. Thus the existing tagging wouldn’t help if I don’t invent “virtual” rooms.

I would like to hear your ideas how to map that? Also let me know if I misunderstood something with the existing mapping proposal.



I think, border control is zone so you can draw it as area (like room). Good solution will be make a zone with multipolygons and add specific tags to walls (ex. barrier). In the future routing can use this (one wall open on another room). Maybe has someone better idea?


Hey Adam,

thanks for your reply: that’s exactly my point:

The problem here is, that the proposed tagging schema at doesn’t feature zones. According to wiki there are buildingpart=room, buildingpart=hall, buildingpart=corridor, buildingpart=verticalpassage, but in general I think that scheme is more or less ‘room-based’. I don’t see how to tag anything within a room, corridor or hall.

Another tagging scheme is proposed at (especially but I guess this tagging scheme isn’t widely used, as even a english translation is missing :frowning:

I don’t like second scheme. I’ve added zones in airport as rooms with wall=no probably is better way to do this, but I didn’t have idea.

Please take a look:

Could you be happy with that?