How to use a ipad for mapping

Hello, I had a question regarding using an iPad to Map. I have not been able to bring up the functional abilities that a normal right mouse click would normally bring up. Holding the point like I normally do does not bring anything up. Do this mean that you cant use an iPad to make edits?

I assume you are referring to using iD, accessed from Because of the the need to manipulate lines and points and editor for a mouseless device is always going to be difficult and an editor with a user interface that worked both with without a mouse would sacrifice too much capability.

For Android, there are a number of editors that better fits the multipoint touch model. I use Vespucci, but even then it is a lot more fiddly to use than JOSM or iD on a PC.

There may well be editors available for iPad, although many open source developers will not produce code for Apple devices because of the Apple Store policies. Note, as far as I know, all the current editors were effectively developed by third parties, and the availability on iPad will depend on whether suitable third party developers are interested in that platform.

Having said that, says there are apps for the Apple ecosystem.

The editor of choice on i-devices is “Go Map!!” I think. If you can mate a mouse (and maybe a keyboard) with it, you should be able to use iD. Beyond that you’re limited because you’re stuck in Apple’s “walled garden” for software, unless you actually become a developer for the platform (which basically needs access to a Mac).