How to upload changes to overpass json file onto osm server?

I have just downloaded some OSM objects using overpass turbo in the JSON format and have made a number of changes to their keys/value [mainly translation]. How can I upload them back to OSM’s server?

If you would like to do that type of work, it is better to export the data from OverpassTurbo to the Level0 editor.
I doubt there is a way to convert the JSON back into a format that you can upload.

But when I tried to do that, the text seemed too large (~10MB) and won’t open in level0.

Isn’t the obvious solution for that to make smaller changesets?
Or download only those objects that you want to change?

What actually is the source of the translations that you’re using? If you’re importing data you’ll definitely need to follow , which involves among other things discussing it with the community and ensuring that there is not a problem with licences.

Even if you’re not “importing data”, if you’re making changes to data about which people might have different views it definitely makes sense to discuss it with the community where you’re changing data.