How to upload a new relation in JOSM

Hi everyone,

I am trying to upload a new relation from an edited existing relation but I only see an option to upload as a changeset. Is there any way to upload as a new relation with a separate identifier?

Tell us firts what OSM editor you have in use.

Then tell us what steps you have done exactly do create a new relation.

in general:

You can create new objects inside an OSM editor, which can be nodes, ways or relations.

After creating them (or modifying existing elements) you do an upload of the data in a so called changeset to the main OSM database.

what do you mean with “upload as a new relation with a separate identifier” ?

It does mention JOSM, and I think the changeset is a red herring, although it was definitely confusing.

There isn’t an easy way to clone a relation without cloning the members. If you copy and paste copies of the members get made at a new position. If you create an empty relation and try and copy the members of the existing relation, it looks like you lose the sort order. Whilst I can think of a way of hacking this, I really need to understand what you are actually trying to do here.