How to upgrade to StreetMap from GuestMap

Dear Support,

I’m using GuestMap, and it’s limited to 4000 requested and has no satelite view.
What should I do to start use StreetMap? And which limitations is there?


You want to use OpenStreetMap based webservices for a guestmap feature?

See the OSM wiki in general to get an overview what is possible on own websites via freameworks like or

also see to get a guided tour.

Come back here to ask about any solution near your aim in detail.

Dear Support,

Sorry I haven’t found any useful info for me, namelly about prices for upgrading map view. We plan to use it massively with big count of requests, so I need to know all useful information for upgrade



OSM doesn’t provide Tile-Service for commercial use.

You may want to contact on of the companies listed under or .

If you have any further questions regarding OSM or need further information feel free to post you questions here.