How to update custom region (half a year)?


I want to update a custom region (Germany plus some 100 Kilometers around) every half a year with the current dataset of a Europe planet file I download from Geodatenfabrik. What would you recommend?

I used osmosis to cut out my region and than used osm2pgsql to import my region to postgis and render it with mod_tile. Works very fine. But the import takes more than 2 days on my target machine. But finally I don’t want to have a downtime, while I import a new file.

So I thought I create with osmosis a change set (osc) file, which I could then import with osm2pgsql. I tried this with two Luxembourg files, (half a year difference), but I realized, that the import of the osc file is very slow (more than an hour, and its still working) compared with the initial import of (some minutes). And I’m still not sure, if the postgis database will really present the current data.

Maybe I misunderstood the concepts of osmosis and osm2pgsql? Any idea?


Hello! uses two databases (named “gi0” and “gis1”) for its daily update. Hence, there ist no downtime at all.
But I’m not sure if this would be advisable in your case. Could take a lot of memory.


You can import the new extract into postgis using a different table prefix. When the import is done, adapt the stylesheet (inc/ to refer to that new prefix, restart renderd, and away you go! When that’s working, you can delete the old tables. After another 6 months, repeat.

Edit: ah, I see that’s basically what Marqqs also said.

Thank you,

Just to rename database seems to me also like something I can do… Easy.

I thought to use osmosis to creata a delta file (osc) and than to upload this delta file using -a with osm2pgsql will do it faster. (Anyway, its somehow not working for me…After import I see just the old data, also renderd is restartet.)

Would be nice, if someone could say osmosis is good or not for my half-year-update.


It might technically work, but in almost any case it’s much easier to just do a fresh import. Applying diffs, especially six months worth of them, is more work than doing a fresh import.

thx, thats exactly the kind of hint I hoped to get here!