How to update a select area of US map incrementally?

Hi Folks,

I am working with this select area of US map(.pbf file) which is like year old and I am interested to keep it up to date at least weekly.
I know that there are change sets that are kind of published regularly on OSM site but they seem to be of entire planet. Is there any way I can use such change sets to only update my .osm file?

FYI: I am aware of osmosis’s --Apply-change command that applies .osc to a .pbf/.osm file.


With each .osc that you download, use “” from Zverik’s “regional” scripts on it. There’s a bit of discussion about that at . That page describes changes to openstreetmap-tiles-update-expire to keep a rendering database up to date, but you could also use “” with similar parameters to try a .osc prior to updating a .pbf.

I used several times script that uses osmconvert as the first step to make a garmin map.
It updates a o5m file using osc files (from replication/day) and a poly boundary.
The osmconvert options used are “–complete-ways --complex-ways --drop-broken-refs” and --merge-versions
The script is GPLv3 licensed here

Hi Aamir,

there is a program called “osmupdate”:

To save time and to save download traffic you also could use regional “change files” (.osc), e.g. that files from

The resulting command line might look like this:

osmupdate old.pbf new.pbf

This would include Canada as well but you could apply a US bounding box at the same time: -B=us-boundings.poly