How to test routing?

I created some maps with mkgmap. Now I want to test the routing capabilities of the maps on my Oregon 400. But my present location is a few thousand kilometers away from the region covered by the map. How can I test routing under such circumstances?

This is how it works on a Dakota but the Oregon must be the same:
First select Demo mode in System>GPS
Then go to the satellite screen and press the lower right corner
Go to your location and press ‘Use’

As an Oregon user I can confirm that Lightfietsers instructions are accurate - Click SetUp to get to System

Thanks a lot for your hints, it works!
Only “Go to your location and press ‘Use’” was a little complicated - I am in Bavaria and wanted to test a map of Thailand, I had to scroll some 9200 km…

much easier, just transfer a POI, then before searching/routing select the POI as reference. Much quicker than scrolling around.

Thanks for this hint. But I do not know how to do that. I set a “Waypoint”, selected that, but what to do then? Upon “GO” the device tries to calculate a route from home to that point.

I think you will need to set the routing on “off road” to do that.

Thanks ligfietser, it works now. It is quite complicated…