How to tag village roads

What is the correct tag for a road in a small village that has a mix of residences and businesses along it? Particularly a road that is not a connector to larger through roads. Highway=mixed-use makes sense to me but I don’t see it in any commonly-used lists.

You are not tagging based on the mix of businesses or residences on the side of the road, rather you are tagging based on the importance and/or construction of the road itself. I think that either highway=residential or highway=unclassified would the appropriate tag but would not know for sure unless I knew the area but you have not given a location for others to look at.

There are several examples that come to mind, but understanding the criteria that I am not tagging based on how the street is used probably answers the question. For example, in Belfast, Maine, Main Street (from Cedar Street east all the way to the water) is 100% businesses on the first floor. Upper floors are residential. Tagging this as residential seems misleading, but with the criteria that the tag ‘residential’ addresses construction, not use, helps. Thanks!

The meaning of “residential” used as a value for key “highway” is explained in

I suggest to check the local project documentation, as the classification for roads is not exactly the same across territories