How to tag vehicle access depending on direction.

Two sections of road I am trying to correctly tag. But can’t decide on tagging, and wiki is proving confusing to me.

I’ll concentrate on first road. It’s osm mapped (forward) west to east. It’s unclassified road & two lanes. It is signed as no motor vehicles, and used by cyclists. (Pedestrians separate on sidewalks)
Heading east (forward) the lane is marked motor_vehicles=no, but access for Bus & Taxi (psv?).
Heading west (backward) the lane is marked motor vehicles=no, but access for Bus

Wiki is giving me a headache.

Thinking of…
(I’ve omitted here other less important tags (eg surface))

Some parts of wiki imply a solution is to create a bus lane and tag as shared by bicycles. The lanes are not bus_lane/psv_lane, and bicycles could be argued to have a greater priority.

The various lane tags eg lanes:psv:forward=1 appear to imply exclusive use of lane, while in this case the lanes are for all non motor_vehicle use.

I’ve a feeling I’ve just made up the psv:forward=yes tag a solution to access.

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The tagging you are thinking of looks good to me. There’s only one lane in each direction, so there’s really no need for tags that apply to individual lanes. Setting tags per direction, as you suggest, is a perfect solution here.

Although that hopefully answers the immediate question, I’m adding two paragraphs in cases you ever need per-lane tagging in a different situation:

A good starting point on the wiki is the page about appending :lanes, :lanes:forward and :lanes:backward to keys. That lets you set tags for individual lanes. And it works for any tag – could be access restrictions, could be turn directions, could even be something like surface.

The other information you stumbled upon on the wiki (and were confused by) was likely about tagging the number of lanes of each “type”. As you’ve noticed, that is a rather limited approach because such types only ever cover the most stereotypical situations. In my opinion, these tags aren’t necessary at all. Tagging the total number of lanes, the number of lanes per direction, and (if necessary) adding per-lane tags with the schema I linked above should cover all your lane-tagging needs.

Thanks for your input.

After some sleep and going back to the wiki I had decided my approach was likely the best way. Thankyou for confirming that, and the extra info about lanes.