How to tag tracks in south tirol?

I am from germany and I have a question to the italian law. Last week I made a mountain bike tour in south Tirol and I saw a track with a traffic sign with the text “Landesgesetzt Nr. 10 - 8.5.1990 Legge prov.le n.10 - 8/5/1990”.

In Germany the sign above the text says the vehicles are not allowed. Is this the same in italy? Does this mean the moutainbike is not allowed for this way? I tried to read the “Legge prov.le n.10”, but I found no statement for moutain bikes.
Thanks for you help.
Regard Andreas

I forward the topic to the italian mailing list…
There’s also a regional one if you’re interested.

Hi Sabas88,
Thank you for forwarding the Topic to the Mailing list Coult you translate a summary of the comments for me, if an answer is found for my question? I do not understand italian :frowning:
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to the best of my knowledge this should only apply to motor-vehicles and it specifies a local law (Legge Provinciale) that has instituted the rule and hence the sign.

Alto Adige (or Sud Tyrol) is a “Regione” (Italy is divided in entities called “Regioni” which have a level of independence from the national government) which has special legal status.
Each Regione is divided in “Province” - Alto Adige has 2 province, Bolzano and Trento, and they too have special legal status afaik.

I haven’t done any research - haven’t got any time - this is out the top of my “italian” head… :wink:

Hi logube,
Thank you for your answer. As far i understand the law “Landesgesetzt Nr. 10 - 8.5.1990 Legge prov.le n.10 - 8/5/1990” I agree with you that the denied access is only for motor-vehicles. In the Mailing list Volker wrote “Sto scivendo una mail colla domanda all’amminsitrazione provinciale di Bolzano”. My Google translator says that Volker sent an email to responsible persons in Bozen. So I will wait whether Volker got an answer.
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Sorry, I didn’t reply because I follow the forum via feed…

One user said that access is banned for all vehicles and it was probably wrong…
Volker sent an email to the Bozen administration to ask…

This is the law referred
The title itself refers to motor vehicles only…

Volker got a answer from the Administration in Bozen and according to the answer “Landesgesetzt Nr. 10 - 8.5.1990 Legge prov.le n.10 - 8/5/1990” does not forbid bicycles

Thanks to Volker and all others …