How to tag the power house connection on the roof (roof stand)?

Osmose has the error “Object crosses building” when a power=pole is on a building. How do you correctly tag these “house connections” on the roof?
There is a German Wikipedia article about the installation type: Dachständer – Wikipedia

The stand can be as a redirect only like here: File:Powerline sax21.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Or also as a connection like here File:Dachständer Rathaus Schmiden.jpg - Wikimedia Commons or File:Antigua pole 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons.


Currently it is tagged like this:


Whichever convention is chosen as “more correct” (maybe that happens, maybe “any method that is accurate may be considered correct”), I would hope that an Osmose warning/error that truly isn’t a warning/error may be safely ignored by a human as it is flagged.

Or, you might “file a ticket” with Osmose (or however minor “bugs” are propagated to the developer, although in this case it isn’t really a bug) so this can be suppressed and is no longer flagged as a warning/error. But it would have to be the specific case of a power=pole on a building for exactly this purpose; that seems figure-out-able.

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It looks for me, that tag power=terminal match better for this situation:


Would it also be worth adding the location=roof tag?