How to tag shop selling plumbing supplies to general public? What about shop=plumbing_supplies?

See File:Фитинги (сантехника).JPG - Wikimedia Commons for an example products sold there. You will get various pipe elements, taps, part of taps, plumbing hardware etc.

Note that it is about shops generally available to everyone (I used one myself to get some elements of water tap to repair it).

Was discussed before in Note: 3862523 | OpenStreetMap

Is there some reason to prefer or reject one of following tags: shop=plumbing_supply shop=plumbing_supplies shop=plumbing ?

Is it likely that shop=plumbing was used or can be confused for office of a plumber or for something else better tagged as office=company?

Is there other in-use tagging for it or preferred tagging?

Personally I prefer shop=plumbing_supplies - while shop=plumbing is used more it can be easily confused with places providing plumbing services, or office of company doing this.

Though shop=plumbing seems to be used more

shop=plumbing_supplies (x 28)

shop=plumbing (x 153)

shop=plumbing_supply (x 7)

yes, on the other hand, at least around here, who sells plumbing supplies (sometimes or often) also offers installation as a service.

That is not problem? You can tag shop=plumbing_supplies craft=plumber on a single object if single POI is both at once?

See Tag:craft=plumber - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Wouldn’t plumbing be covered by either Tag:shop=hardware - OpenStreetMap Wiki (which makes reference to plumbing) or Tag:shop=doityourself - OpenStreetMap Wiki?

Are you proposing to use shop=hardware hardware=plumbing ?

I don’t think there’s any ambiguity about shop=plumbing and it has 6 times as many uses as the next candidate. So, although plumbing_supplies may offer a small bit of additional precision I see little reason to change it. Note to my ear plumbing_supply is more ambiguous than the other alternatives. There are, or more accurately, were quite large chains dedicated to this sort of stuff (the former Plumb Center, although in practice I found them fairly useless for one component I wanted a few years ago and went off to a chain D-i-Y store).

I would think shorter tags were favoured before editors had a large set of presets. There are numerous other shop=* tags which could be altered in the same way, but are well-established and mainly hidden from contributors in most editors. Similarly craft=* is inconsistent in usage, with some tags being obvious nouns and others nouns orthographically identical to intransitive verbs, as here. Without a consistent formulation of how to construct suitable tag values ad hoc changes will tend to be more about personal opinions than a systematic approach, which is more or less infeasible now.

That would certainly work, & would then also open up hardware=electrical etc for specialised shops, rather than all in one.

Looking at how I tagged one some time ago, I found


which seems to be the most used tagging variant for these stores according to taginfo.
It is documented here:

I’ve also done the same, but the question here may be do they also sell to the general public?

I’ve also done the same, but the question here may be do they also sell to the general public?

the one I tagged does, but professionals are also a significant fraction of their customers