How to tag self service vending-shelfs or -boxes at farms? (that are neither "vending machine" nor "shop")

Many farms, beekeepers, etc. have a small “sale” at their location, where you can just take something out a shelf or a box or pick it from the field (honey, eggs, potatos, flowers …) on the roadside and throw the respective amount of money in a jar or little box.

I would find it useful, to add such places to the map, since they are hard to find, but useful to support local produce and small farms. They are neither really a “shop” nor is it technically a “vending machine” …

What would be the best way, to tag such “sales”?

Thanks for any help and discussion!

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A shop at a farm, selling farm produce: regional, seasonal, freshly harvested goods. It could also be used for a roadside produce stand

Note that shop=* main key contains many things which are not strictly “shops” (e.g. hairdressers, massage parlors etc).


Perhaps shop=* with supervised=no?

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Thank you much for your answer. I also saw that at the shop=farm page, but I thought the referal to “roadside produce stand” might be meant for “larger” roadside sales?

Or do you think it is even right, for very small sales (e.g. today, I saw a 60cm x 60cm shelf in a box, where local eggs and honey are offered, and where you just put a few coins in a box with a slit when you take something).

It’s more similar to a vending machine, than to a shoop, it has no roof, no door, it’s just mounted on a post at the roadside.

Yes, most of those I’ve mapped are an one simple table or stand with several baskets and/or items (jar of honey etc) on it.
Sometimes it is completely unsupervised (with empty jar for leaving money, so wind doesn’t blow it over, but no theft-protection), and sometimes supervised at least at times (sometimes with a simple bell or a notice to ring on the nearby house to attract the owner’s attention). But I don’t map if they’re supervised or not (partially because I can’t be sure, and partially because I don’t want someone to misuse that information to steal things from poor people)

I map them as shop=farm node with extra information mentioned on that wiki page to add details like what is being sold, if it is seasonal, that it is cash only etc.

If it were a bigger one, then I’d map it as an area (and consider if it is amenity=marketplace instead (if multiple sellers with different produce).


Good question, there are a lot of them in my region and I don’t know if my tagging make sense. I use shop=farm as well. I’ve found this street_vendor=yes tag as well lately, which may fit. It would be nice to have a special tag for them, I guess and have a proper rendering.

I also add various tags to add more details, here is an example: Node: 9336807051 | OpenStreetMap

EDIT: just saw the proposal for amenity=street_vendor and it doesn’t look like it match such idea. So I guess we clearly need a new tag.


Je nach Ausführung, Größe und Art des Verkaufstandes nutze ich zusätzlich ein amenity=vending_machine .

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These are known in British English as “Honesty Boxes”. There are common in the UK, found, for example, in rural locations, and along walking/hiking trails. Usually consist of a table or small box structure with a few items for sale, and box to put money in. Increasingly you see instruction on how to alternatively pay over internet. Most common product seen in the UK is eggs.

Honesty Box - 1

Honesty Box - 2

There have been a couple of discussions on the talk_gb mailing list, and it appears these objects are worthy of tag. I had planned to create a proposal for honesty_box tag in the in December. Never made a proposal before, so I might keep putting it off…


To my understanding a “roadside produce stand” is some kind of a trailer or cabin offering various produce items. You may find those in many countries all over the world, sometimes supvervised and in other places with a honesty box for payment.

Another thing are the mini self service stands offering one or very few products on a small table or the like. Also found all over the world, supervised or self service and payment. These are neither shops nor vending machines, that is why I support