How to tag numbered exits on bicycle routes (Italy)?

Around here we have a novelty on a cycle route: exits (crossings with other roads that are not part of the cycle route) are numbered with signs like “accesso 39”. This would be something functionally similar to a highway=motorway_junction with a ref= tag.
Are there any precedents in more bicycle-aware countries?

To note that these are simple pedestrian crossings in standard mapping.

Here is an example: Mapillary (smallish sign in the right-hand part of the Mapillary image)

*cn_ref= is used on network:type=nodal_network , for intersections between different sections of the bike system. So technically causes a problem, as it’s supposedly use to show it’s a “node”. (Personally, I don’t understand it. A junction:bicycle=yes could be more usable, and more generic to allow use on your case with ref=39 .)

Would suggest to look at the numbered Motorway / Autoroute exit tagging scheme, then develop along same lines? See Tag:highway=motorway_junction - OpenStreetMap Wiki and -possibly outdated : Exit Info - OpenStreetMap Wiki