How to tag number of villages collectively known as one area?

Hello all
can anybody provide some guidelines for the following situation?
Here is the situation, there are a number of villages, housing developments and farms in a valley. The entire area is know collectively by the name of the valley (Maracas Valley), but each village or housing estate has its own name (e.g La Mango, La Sieva, Acono). The address for any location in the valley could be “1 La Mango Road, La Mango” or “1 La Mango Road, Maracas Valley” or “1 La Mango Road, La Mango, Maracas Valley”, these locations are all identical.

My questions are:

  1. How should I represent Maracas Valley, what type of place is it? I do not know the extent of it so I will have to create a node for it and as far as I know it is not an administrative boundary or area, it is purely physical. I was going to use region, but region is for an unpopulated area.
  2. What place tag to use for the housing developments? I have tagged them as neighbourhoods until I know better.
  3. How to tag the villages etc. so that they are associated with the valley.

To see the area on the map please take a look at coordinates 10.6617683, -61.4136899 . The Maracas Royal Road from that point going north to its end runs along the Maracas Valley and the places are all in the Maracas Valley.

Thanks for any advice.

  1. If you don’t want to use place=region or place=locality maybe place=valley would fit ?
  2. I suggest place=hamlet (hamlet is one level below village).