How to tag if the surface is leaf litter? `surface=leaf_litter`, `leaf_type=needleleaved`?

There is a track where the surface is a thick layer of needles and other small tree debris from the surrounding trees.

On the OSM Wiki page about the supported surface tags I do not find any corresponding there.

How should I tag it?

  • surface=ground (generic)?
  • surface=leaf_litter (inventing my own, undocumented) plus leaf_type=needleleaved?
  • Anything else?

It is this track, currently I have used surface=unpavedsurface=ground as suggested in this commentdue to lack of better tags.

Here is a photograph:


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I would probably go with surface=ground, especially if that’s a typical way the ground looks in a natural setting in that part of the world.

Is this still a path? It looks completely disused.

This is a reply to your question from another topic:

Yes, a hiking trail. Signed.

It is (generally) not used by vehicles, only by foot. But it is still
wide enough that you can drive.

Then it crosses a lava field, where you can see that it is used as
hiking, and has markings. Behind the lava field it continues as a
footpath where it is clearly visible that it is used.

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