How to tag height limit of road below the bridge?


The Way 471351484 is a “low-level” road under the bridge and has a height limit of around 3 meters. It is only accessible by two-, three- and four-wheelers. Heavy vehicles like buses, trucks cannot pass thru. How shall I tag this?

P.S. This is a normal road, all vehicles can pass thru - Way 471351558


Add “maxheight=3” to the way.

Should I also add “maxheight:physical = 3” too? The bridge physically low!

Does physical tag imply normal maxheight tag? If not I’ll be adding both of them.

The Note @ maxheight:physical clarifies that it is not yet supported and shall be used together with maxheight.

I don’t remember exactly how many meters. For the moment, I’ll add “maxheight=below_default”. I’ll update when I travel to that place.

You can add weight restrictions with tag maxweight

Also heavy goods vehicles can be restricted with hgv=no

Thanks. The access tag seems to apply here. I’ll look into what part of the access tags apply.

One caution about access tags, etc., is that they represent the legal status, not your subjective view. In the UK, at least, a lot of people would probably like to mark hgv=no on roads where they are quite legal.

Strictly speaking the same applies to maxheight.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep that in mind.

As a side note, I believe I put the access tags correctly here - Changeset 45740641