How to tag glass cabinet in pedestrian zone?

Hi, how should I tag a glass cabinet that is placed in a pedestrian zone? Such cabinets can be quite large , for example 0.5 x 2.0 m and approximately 2 m tall, and frequently contain community information, touristic information or merchandise from nearby shops.

I’ve found some tags for things that look similar: indoor=glass_cabinet, amenity=public_bookcase, man_made=street_cabinet, advertising=poster_box, but none of this really fits.

( Maybe this example illustrates that the currently used tags are not well structured. A more structured approach might lead to:

  • What do you see: man_made=cabinet
  • What is it made of: cabinet:material=glass
  • What is it used for or what does it provide:
    • amenity=information, information=community_information or
    • amenity=information, information=citymap or
    • amenity=advertising, advertising=clothes

but this would probably collide with too many existing tagging concepts.)

Thanks for your help!

Some examples are shown here: Boulevard-Vitrine Boulevardvitrinen Bulevardvitrine Boulevard-Vitrinen Boulevard Vitrine
(The ones I’m talking about are the bigger ground-mounted cabinets labelled as “Boulevardvitrine”, definitely not the smaller wall-mounted glass boxes labelled as “Schaukasten”.)

Here is a photo from 1978 in which you can at least see a glass display case quite clearly at this point.

This is the spot Biff is referring to.

I was 26 years old at the time … :slight_smile:

Apart from that, there have been alterations to this section of the road over the decades. In a picture from March 2016, there is no longer any sign of these showcases.

regards | Peer

Addendum! The two showcases definitely! actually still exist at this location.

Many of the things you list might fit under the tourism=information. Some might need a new value for information=*?

I don’t think that applies for merchandise though, that seems like it might need to be an extension to advertising=*.

If they are to protect old features their contents might even fit under the historic category, with a tag to say they are covered.

A generic tag for ones you see from a distance might be helpful too for “drive-by” surveys.

As long as such a glass cabinet does only serve as a blackboard to hold community or tourism information I would tag it as tourism=information + information=board (+1 @InsertUser ).

If it is a glass cabinet to display items of various kind the correct term would be “showcase”. This value is used 3 times as advertising=showcase so far.