How to tag emergency life ropes and floats

There is emergency=life_ring, however some places instead have a throw rope or a float on a rope that isn’t in the shape of a ring.

(Some people would argue that ropes are safer than rings since you’re less likely to do damage to the person in the water, but that’s a side point.)

It seems slightly silly having a new tag for something with the same essential function. So you could have emergency=life_ring and then life_ring=life_rope, but it isn’t a ring, so feels wrong to tag as such.

If we were starting from scratch maybe something like emergency=life_saving_equipment and then equipment=life_ring or equipment=life_rope etc.

Ein interessantes Thema, das ich selbst auch angehen wollte. Hier weitere Rettungs Geräte zur Wasserrettung. Ein Life Board
Mein Vorschlag: emergency=life_board

Eine Rettungsleiter, zu finden an Hafenmauern.
Mein Vorschlag: emergency=rescue_leader

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I agree to @APneunzehn74 that all these items should be tagged with their common name as emergency=*. In your 2 examples this would be


I don’t think it would make tagging better to use a generic tag like emergency=life_saving_equipment and then add equipment=*.

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Thank you for the replies, I have gone with emergency=throw_bag and documented both