How to tag dog house?

You know small wooden house in the yard where dog lives.

I would start with building=yes + dog=yes. Those seem about as straightforward as needed for such a tiny structure: tiny tagging, no more, no less than is necessary and sufficient. I mean, 1 or 2 square meters at most? Unless you are a lavishly-spoiled dog, and I know some!

It’s pretty neat that OSM can do this, too!

dog=yes means dog are allowed in object, not object is made specific for dogs.

Practical need is to, for example, make people aware that there is a dog.

dog=yes just means one can bring dog there.

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Well, all you say is true, all I say is true. So we are at least part way there. How do we improve this?

I guess, better way to tag would be using building=yes + amenity=dog but it seems that is not valid value for amenity tag.

Yeah, amenity=* is already quite overloaded and I don’t think is appropriate here.


Someone asked on the talk page for the barn tag once about using it on chicken coops. It doesn’t seem like the conversation went anywhere though and I guess there’s like 1,740 uses of building=chicken_coop in the meantime. So you could maybe look into creating a barn/shed sub-tagging scheme for animal shelters. Or if not, there’s like 4 uses of building=dog_house. Really, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t already a sub tagging scheme for animal shelters or at least types of barns. Maybe there is and I just missed it though.

I mean, it could be quite appropriate to coin a new tag here, like building=dog_house, and wiki-document it after pinning one into our map data.

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building=dog_house seems possible way too, but that is also not existing value for the building tag.

Sometimes, it is correct to simply “make up” (coin, in English) a new value for an existing key. Presto! A new tag! (And everybody likely understands it, thanks to its direct simplicity and widespread use, at least in English).

That is why I asked here first, to check, if there is proper way but I just cannot find it.

We ARE allowed “any tag you like,” and speaking personally, I happen to like building=dog_house!

I don’t think anyone would have a problem with you just creating that tag in this case since like Stevea it’s a generally accepted recognized and accepted term for dog shelters.

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building=dog_house was the first I looked for, but found out it does not exist. It seems obvious.

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OK, I created building=dog_house. Updated Wiki too.

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My translators suggest another word: dog kennel. But a kennel is a little bit more than just a small wooden hut for dogs.

A few months ago I chose “building”=“kennel” because of what was said in the forum to be a “more English” word.
Just as a note, I understand we have these three in use?
“building”=“kennel” (in green)
“building”=“dog_house” (in red)
“building”=“doghouse” (in blue)

“kennel” is the British English word for a small wooden building outside for dogs, but it’s also (usually as “kennels”) used for what in OSM we’d call “an animal boarding amenity for dogs”.

British English doesn’t use “dog_house” much, except in this sense, but people will know what it means in American, so (a bit like sidewalk) I can see the logic of using it here. Current taginfo usage for all variants is low, see here, here and here.


Also for those housing hunting and military/police dogs as here and here.

The distinction between the singular and plural here does suggest dog_house is less likely to cause confusion.

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Don’t you think that this is not quite the right option? Maybe it’s better to use the man_made=dog_house tag (or another value), similar to dovecote?