How to tag closed gates

How should I tag the two gates in this area such that the routers don’t ask you to take the shortcuts?

The gates are closed, and you would not try to traverse them walking up here, you would follow the road

OSRM routes through both gates

(Aside, is there a delay between updating maps/tags and when the routers on are updated?)

The gates in question are these two nodes:

Are they closed or locked? If they are locked, locked=yes can be used, though I haven’t checked if any of the routers respects this tag. If the only way to reach the way behind the gates is through these permanently closed/locked gates, I’d also consider tagging the road itself with access=private as well. But that also depends on local legislation.


Yes, 14 days is normal in my experience.

Have you tried adding also access=private on the barrier=gate if general public/worshippers/tourists cannot use it? The same on highway=footway section unavailable to general public?

I did not check if they were technically locked or not, but they did not seem like gates you would open, and the others walking up did not try to traverse them either

And it was not really a normal gate, it was two expandable metal gates, and both looked like this (without the wheel house at the right)


should be fine for barrier=gate

it may be a bit tricky - maybe they open during some part of the year or something, but assuming that it applies in general I would add access=private on affected gates and footway.