How to tag carnival games?

Hello! I was mapping a theme park and I wanted to add carnival games, those games where you play a mini game and have a chance to win a prize (shooting at cans and throwing balls at targets are the most common). Unfortunately I couldn’t find any appropriate tag in the wiki and I don’t know how I could map them. Do you know if there’s any tag for it?

By A01333649 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, File:Puesto de la feria del mole 2014 23.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

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Normally we don’t map temporary features (like fairs) at all.
In your case this might be a (more or less) permanent attraction, so you might find something under Key:attraction - OpenStreetMap Wiki .


The key attraction (Key:attraction - OpenStreetMap Wiki) is used for amusement rides and similar things. So attraction=carnival_game is possible. attraction=games (attraction=games | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo) is already used but only 7 times and might be not specific enough.

Attractions should only be mapped if they are permanent. Let’s say at least one year.


Thank you for your answers @PHerison and @lkw!
I wanted to clarify that attractions are allegedly permanent, they seem to be part of the park and they have been there I suppose for more than a year, maybe two years (by looking at some videos online).

I think that attraction=games would be ok for this since it is already used by some people, thanks! I could use it if there isn’t any specific tag.

Even though attraction=carnival_game is a bit more self-explanatory. Could we propose it as a tag?

For a simple tag like this a proposal is not necessary. Documenting it on the Key:attraction - OpenStreetMap Wiki site should be enough (and link to this discussion in the edit commentin the wiki). As attraction=games is used very little and games could also be ball or board games I think that attraction=carnival_game is better.


Perfect, thank you very much!

EDIT: Tag added on OpenStreetMap wiki!

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