How to tag bridleway-network?

I have tagged most of the bridleways in this network.

A official overview of this can be found here:

I would now like to tag all node-numbers that are shown on this pdf. For a cycleroute network there is a common tag like RCN_Ref =95(Regional Cycleroute Network) to identify the number. What REF tag should be used for bridleway-network nodes?
Additional question. What type of networks do exist that are meant for horseriding.

NB On the Dutch forum forummember LPD suggested ren_ref=* (Regional Equestrian Network)

I have decided to tag the relation with “network=rhn” (Regional Horse(backriding) Network)

The nodes are now tagged as "rhn_ref = " (the number of the node)

Hi! I’ve no idea concerning tagging the bridleway nodes but I’d like to suggest that you enter this information to the OSM Wiki.

I fully agree. However, I have no experience with adding/changing Wiki info. I looked in to it a bit but found it rather complicated and did not know exactly how to do this. If someone could do this for me it is much appreciated. I have put the relevant info here.

A bridleway network is created using an OSM Relation. Tags for this relation:

network=rhn (Regional Horse(backriding) Network)
name= “the name of the network”

If nodes in a network have a reference such as a number the nodes should get a tag :"rhn_ref = " ( for example, the number of the node)