How to tag brick red roofs?

Which colour would you tag on a brick red roof? Red is to reddish for me, but I used it sometimes. More often I used roof:colour=coral or roof:colour=tomato. But is there an established value like “brickred”, “brick_red” or “brick red”? Because it doesn’t looks like it but I think there should be one.

I never use red because buildings don’t have this colour.
One way is to set roof:material=roof_tiles and 3D renderers will set the colour.
For common roof tiles colour I often use #E96B39 (

I myself will use brick_red because the wiki says names of colours are preferable to HEX colours. And if there will be a established tag they will easily understand what I mean.

What is brick_red? There’s no such colour
And you’re not limited to only colours with name.

I wil use tomato, I don’t like it to use a very specific value if it’s just estimated/summarized.

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