How to tag Balancing Ponds?

Hi there,

What would be the best way to tag balancing ponds? Ponds like this are often dry in the summer and are designed to contain water during heavy rain and allow it to slowly release into the drainage systems.

I have created one with the following tags:

  • natural=water
  • water=basin
  • basin=detention
  • intermittent=yes

Thank you


This tagging seems fine to me


It boggles the mind how the wiki for basin states landuse=basin + type/function of basin + intermittent=yes/no and then seeing these legal tags, still in the JOSM standard preset, being overwritten after ID editors users get the yellow blob proposing to ditch absolute the ‘man_made’ element of landuse=basin for natural=water… There’s zero natural about them, a few big ones being constructed ATM on the river Pescara to catch the excess rainwater that comes down at times and threatens to flood the lower lying town on the coast.

Seems to me a unilateral decisions the ID proggers took.

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It boggles the mind even more that water surfaces would be tagged with landuse.

On the contrary, the general direction that the community has taken is that natural=water should be used to tag all inland water surfaces, no matter if their origin is natural or artificial – after all, the function should matter more than the origin. The similar landuse=reservoir has been deprecated and generally killed.

The whole natural vs. landuse vs. landcover approach was ill-conceived from the start (actually, nobody conceived it, it probably emerged organically), and the tension among those tags still reverberates. At least, natural=water has been sensibly taken out from that mess. If we haven’t already, we should deprecate and kill landuse=basin.

natural= is not used only for pristine natural areas…

See say natural=tree used also for trees planted in urban areas.

(If someone wants nice definition for this key, then you can concentrate on fact that water itself is natural but in general all nice definitions for all values of given key are wrong)

And landuse=basin used for water area rather for entire basin landuse is deeply problematic