How To Tag A Wood Glade? Relation Seems Not To Work (Mapnik)


I tried to tag a wood glade as described on one of those Wiki
pages. Using multipolygon, outter and inner “tags”. Now, in
Osmarender it looks exactly as I planned it, but Mapnik com-
pletely ignores my “hole”.

Anyone able to explain to me what mistake I made this time?

Here is the area in question (toggle Mapnik/Osmarender):

thanks in advance


The first question that comes to mind is: when did you upload this? You know, it may take up to two weeks for Mapnik to pickup changes…

Hi Lambertus,

Well, the wood glade could be “younger” than two weeks.
All the (other) modifications that I did until yesterday (a
Tuesday) did show up today (Wednesday).

Maybe it has to do w/ this relation stuff. Fine, I will wait
for some more days/weeks. I guess when it shows up
in Osmarender my tagging is correct. Right?

thanks, knottytom

Okay, if the tile has been rendered by Mapnik recently (because you can see other new stuff nearby) and your nifty relation stuff isn’t showing up in Mapnik then there are two possibilities:

  • You’re using tags/relations that are not (yet) supported by Mapnik
  • You’re tagging it wrong
    But as you said it showed up in Osmarender which means -I guess- that Mapnik does not know how to render it. That is no problem, you should tag everything according to the map features page in the wiki and let the render guru’s bother to fix the renderer. Please don’t start using ‘wrong’ tags just to make something show up in Mapnik.

Hi Lambertus,

Agreed! Won’t change my tagging due to rendering
errors in Mapnik until someone tells me so. I under-
stand that the correct database is more important
than a ‘wrongly rendered image’ based on it.

Thanks for your support


Great! :smiley:

I had the same problem with an island in a lake. I read somewhere that Mapnik will render it right, if the outer multipolygon is in clockwise direction and the inner multipolygon anti-clockwise (entgegen dem Uhrzeigersinn). I have been so free to change that in your case. We will see whether it works next week.

How do you tag a glade (or non-agricultural grassland in general)? Is it natural fell?